Exceptions Reference

class Numberjack.ConstraintNotSupportedError(value, solver=None)

Raised if the solver being loaded does not support the constraint, and no decomposition is available for the constraint. For example in the case of loading a divison expression with a Mixed Integer Programming solver.

class Numberjack.UnsupportedSolverFunction(solver, func_name, msg='')

Raised if a solver does not support a particular API call.

class Numberjack.InvalidEncodingException(msg='')

Raised if an invalid encoding was specified, for example if no domain encoding is turned on.

class Numberjack.InvalidConstraintSpecification(msg='')

Raised in the case of the invalid use of a constraint.

class Numberjack.ModelSizeError(value, solver=None)

Raised if the size of a model has grown excessively large when decomposing some constraints for a solver.

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