How to Download & install Numberjack


If you have pip installed, simply run:

pip install Numberjack

Alternatively: easy_install Numberjack. Both of these commands will install Numberjack from the Python Package Index.


At a minimum, you should have the following external dependencies installed: python-dev, swig, and libxml2-dev.

Download and Install from Source

  1. Download the latest version of Numberjack from PyPI
  2. Unzip the package
  3. In a terminal, navigate to the Numberjack directory, run 'python build' to compile the solvers and their interfaces.
  4. If compilation has been successful, you will see a list of solver interfaces which were successfully compiled. There are a few different options as to where to put Numberjack, if you don't know the difference between these, use the first option.
    • You can install Numberjack globally by using 'sudo python install'.
    • You can install Numberjack to your user profile with 'python install --user'.
    • You can install Numberjack into a virtualenv, by running 'python install' while in a virtualenv.
  5. To uninstall Numberjack use 'pip uninstall Numberjack'.


If you have set any environmental variables for specifying paths, then the `-E` flag may need to be added to sudo if you are installing where administrator privileges are required. For example: `sudo -E pip install numberjack` or `sudo -E python install`.

Additional Solvers

Numberjack is bundles with four freely available solvers: Mistral, Toulbar2, MiniSat, and Walksat. Interfaces to additional third party solvers like Gurobi, CPLEX, SCIP, and solvers using the COIN-OR Open Solver Interface are available in the distribution. See the, included in the distribution, for detailed instructions on using these with Numberjack.

Troubleshooting: One of the solvers is not compiling

Solution: Numberjack can be installed with any number of solvers, if one is causing problems first try to compile the solver independently to see if there is some dependency issue. If problems persist you may be able to use an alternative solver, Numberjack's other solver interfaces will continue to work if there is an issue with one. Of course please feel free to contact us with any problems.


At the moment Numberjack is not supported on windows, but don't let that stop you having a go...