Magic Square

This is an example of using Numberjack to solve a magic square problem.


A magic square is an n x n square where every row, column and the two diagonals all sum to the same value. See prob019 in the CSPLib.


from Numberjack import *

def model_magic_square(N):
    sum_val = N*(N*N+1)/2 # This is what all the columns, rows and diagonals must add up tp

    square = Matrix(N,N,1,N*N)
    model = Model(
            AllDiff( square.flat ),
            [Sum(row) == sum_val for row in square.row],
            [Sum(col) == sum_val for col in square.col],
            Sum([square[a,a] for a in range(N)]) == sum_val,
            Sum([square[a,N-a-1] for a in range(N)]) == sum_val
    return (square,model)
def solve_magic_square(param):
    (square,model) = model_magic_square(param['N'])
    solver = model.load(param['solver'])
    if solver.solveAndRestart():
        print square
    print 'Nodes:', solver.getNodes(), ' Time:', solver.getTime()

solve_magic_square(input({'solver':'Mistral', 'N':4}))